Here are some of the frequently asked questions we always get:

  • What is sourdough bread?
  • Is it healthier then regular bread?
  • How can any bread be so good if it has gluten?
  • Does sourdough bread taste sour?

So lets get some answers.

Sourdough bread is the only So lets get some answers.way our ancestors new how to make bread for thousands of years. it is made only using Wheat, water, natural bacteria and airborne wild yeast. The Natural bacteria is present on the actual kernel of the wheat and when stone grounded (I am intending to a cold method of milling ) the Natural bacteria will start to ferment and remove many of its anti-nutrients such as Phytic acid and Lectins. in addition, study have shown that the reduction in Gluten has dramatically reduced to nearly 80% less than regular bread.

Now that we have a bread with out any anti-nutrients  and significantly lower gluten, this bread has become very easily digestible for our digestive system.

But that’s not all, all the vitamins that we see in the nutritional facts section are now bio available to us, not only because the anti nutrients are not in the way, but because the bacteria has broken the cell barrier to those minerals.

For the final topping i would like just mention that there is only 3 ingredients to our sourdough bread, Wheat ,Water and salt, which is so incomparable to any commercial bread that has over 10 ingredients that are mostly unpronounceable to say the least.

So for simple, bio available, great taste, healthy and  wholesome bread , sourdough is the only rival.
and no sourdough doesn’t always taste sour unless it ferments for a longer amount of time.


Using a sourdough starter when making bread will reduce the amount of yeast to a minimum. You’ll also notice the taste of the grains and the flour much better, as their flavors will be emphasized by the sourdough technique. And you won’t just get tastier bread. A sourdough will leave you feeling more satisfied, and you won’t have that after effect of bloating that many feel when eating bread.

However, it is not enough to simply reduce the amount of yeast. You also need to let the dough rest longer in order to gain a good fermentation.

The sourdough starter is the real secret to getting a good fermentation going. Essentially your sourdough starter is old dough, which has already pre-fermented and contains Lactobacillus culture. Lactobacillus culture has a sour taste and is an active culture that lives off natural yeast spores from the air. Sometimes it can be difficult for you to get good sourdough starter going if your kitchen is too clean!

Adding a sourdough starter when baking bread is rather like feeding the sourdough, and it will contribute to a quicker fermentation of the dough. A natural fermentation will always take longer and normally dough with a sourdough starter needs to rest for a minimum of 8 hours. But again, it depends on how good the starter is, the room temperature and how clean the environment is.

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