In a vicinity where kosher food is readily available in abundance, and where kosher groceries and supermarkets can be found at every street corner, Brooklyn, New York now has Organic Circle, the first kosher all-organic supermarket.

Going organic is more than just a new trend. Individuals are becoming more health conscious and are opting for quality and fresher products and choose their local health and organic supermarket to do their weekly grocery shopping over the traditional grocery store.

The consumers of highest quality, organic certified kosher food now have the option of shopping online or in our store. Instead of hopping around to various health food stores to get limited products available at its small organic section, kosher organic food is now available in abundance and in variety.”

Abundance and variety indeed. From fruits and vegetables, to other lesser known organic products, including pastas, sauces, frozen juices, frozen meals, cereals, soups, chocolate, cookies, meat, poultry, dairy and a vast selection of kosher products, Organic Circle sure hasn’t left anything out.

“People hear the word organic and automatically think of produce, but in fact, almost every type of food can be found in an organic version. The demand today is fresh and healthy, and to remain competitive, corporate food giants have to follow the organic trend.” In addition, a separate gluten-free section and juice bar are prominently featured in our new mega-store.

You don’t need a pass to enter the pulsating, gigantic new store, but you do need to erase the stereotypical misconception that one ought to be a health nut or even organically inclined to shop at Organic Circle.

We believe that buying organic is more about getting-more-for-your money, since studies have shown that organic food is of higher quality than conventional products. According to multiple researchers, organic products are fresher, since they’re preservative-free and have shorter shelf life and thus restocked often. They’re tastier, since they’re free of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners, and have their natural and rich taste. And of course there’s the safety and health part to it as well. Organic products are spared from potentially harmful and long-lasting pesticide and fertilizer application. “Going organic is a win-win deal,” David Weiss, Organic Circle’s store manager, proudly asserts.

Organic Circle’s premise is simple: Shop healthy quality food at great value, in the way Mother Nature intended, of course.