Welcome to The Produce Section at Organic Circle!

Here you will find a full selection of romaine lettuce, celery, radishes, eggplants and peppers and much more.

Making the decision to go all in on organic has never been easier.

This is located at the right side of store just after we pass the onions and potatoes.

At the bottom shelf there is organic parsnip root, rutabaga, turnips, as well as red and green cabbage.

The second shelf contains all organic herbs such as dill and parsnip leafs. Scallions and multi-color carrots as well.

Kohlrabi, red radishes and daikon radishes and broccoli are on the third shelf.

The fourth shelf contains kale, endives, celery and romaine lettuce.

When you order online, we receive a printout with color images of all the produce selected. You can browse the produce by clicking OrganiceCircleOnline.com – Vegetables for a full list of all our vegetables at our online store. Enjoy the fresh, all-natural delicious, all-organic produce and spread the word.

OrganiceCircleOnline.com – Vegetables

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