The dairy section at Organic Circle contains a large selection of organic, kosher certified, milks, cheeses, yogurts and more. The main difference between organic circles dairy section and most other supermarket dairy sections is that you can be sure to find %100 fresh milk and milk products, that are certified as organic with reliable, cholov yisroel kosher certification. Dairy brands include “Bethel Creamery” milk and yogurts. Bethel Creamery produces milk and yogurts that are produced with grass fed, free pastured cows, without use of anti-biotics, and are certified as organic and cholov yisroel.

Milk produced from grass fed cows contains beneficial fats such as Omega 3. When a cow eats grass, as it was meant to eat, it produces milk that contains healthy, as opposed to unhealthy fats. Most milk cows are given genetically modified grain as feed and treated with antibiotics. When antibiotics are given to cows, it makes its way into the milk as well. A grass fed cow produces healthier more wholesome milk for you and your family.


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