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Can You Put A Price Tag on Health?

There are few things that outweigh excellent physical health. You have only one body during your entire lifetime. Would you maintain it any less than the most expensive car on Earth. Those who own expensive cars’ such as a Roll’s Royce, or Bentley etc. spare no costs when it comes to maintaining and keeping the car running in top working condition. Take an expensive winning race horse as another example: Would you go cheap on the feed or care given to it? Of course not!

What price tag can you place on excellent physical health? And of course what does excellent physical health look like?

  • Amazingly high energy levels!
  • Clear mind and sharp thinking
  • Excellent memory – short and long term!
  • Resistance to cold’s,  viruses and bacteria
  • Good, smooth healthy skin..
  • Youthful appearance and vibrant hair!
  • Strong bones and teeth…
  • Healthy weight, and waist size
  • Good cardiovascular health
  • Excellent blood pressure
  • Plus much more…

Of course vitamins, minerals and supplements of various kinds all promote health and many of the above benefits. There is no question that when that when they are taken in the right amounts and doses they are extremely valuable. Most vitamins and nutritional supplements, improve many aspects of health. It can be said that all these help to extend both your life and the quality of your life.

It is almost impossible to put a price tag on good health.

But, that is especially true for the food you eat. You see, the food you eat directly impacts the quality of your life. How? The answer is clear to even the greatest skeptics. Food that is pure as can be and as free as possible of artificial preservatives, ingredients, additives and flavorings can be consumed in greater quantities and still promote good health. The purer and more wholesome the food you consume, the better off your body will run.

This is not about a debate on whether toxic herbicides and pesticides are safe for the environment or harmful to consume. In the day and age we live in, chemicals are found in nearly every supermarket food typically consumed.

On the other hand: “Organic” as defined by the Department Of Agriculture or U.S.D.A. indicates that food with the ORGANIC label is grown and packaged as naturally as can be with special care taken to keep it free artificial additives and chemicals.

You don’t have to wait years to experience the benefits or going organic. Going organic with 90-95% of the food you eat, yields benefits in immediate health and energy levels that you can experience and enjoy in days! That is not to mention weeks and months and…years ahead as well.

However, it can be said that even the most minor improvement in your general health and longevity is well worth the investment you make today even if it is modest.

Consider it an investment in good health, worth every penny, dime and dollar.

Your body too, will thank you for it.

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